My Top 5 Chicago Car Accessories

Looking for the perfect accessories for your car? Here are some of the most popular accessories that are making the rounds among car owners. These accessories can do everything from help you save money on maintenance costs to prevent an accident or major inconvenience when on the road.

1. All-Weather Chicago Floor Mats

While not a new invention by any means, all-weather floor mats are an excellent idea for protecting your vehicle’s carpet and traditional floor mats from grime that can build when people step into the car with wet or muddy feet.

While vehicle manufacturers sell model-specific floor mats designed to fit the contour of your car’s floor, aftermarket mats are just as effective and typically much cheaper. And everyone knows the weather in Chicago can be crazy.

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2. Wheel Rim Protectors

Curb damage to wheels can be not only costly to repair, but also tarnishing to your vehicle’s appearance. Rim protectors can keep your wheels protected at all times from curb damage while also complementing the look of your vehicle.

They’re available in many different colors to serve as a stylistic accessory as much as a protective one. With these wheel rim protectors installed on your vehicle, you’ll increase the longevity of your wheels while making your car more eye-popping.

Using these accessories in or on your vehicle, you can make driving more convenient while also protecting your car and preventing potentially painful inconveniences. These would also be pretty awesome if you saw them on a Chicago limo rental company’s vehicle.

3. Portable Car and Phone Charger

Few things are worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere without any power to your car, complicated by a dead cell phone that prevents you from being able to reach anyone for assistance. Well, with a portable car and phone charger, you can easily remove this stress from road trips where you’re fairly far from civilization.

4. Headlight Restoration Kits

Over time, headlights can wear out and turn yellow, affecting the driver’s visibility when driving at night. You can avoid this issue with the help of a headlight restoration kit that makes it easy to clean your lights and restore them so you can drive safely at night and in harsh weather.

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5. Cell Phone Holder

Another obvious accessory that can make your drive more convenient is a cell phone holder. Some attach via suction to a vehicle’s windshield, while others can clip onto dashboard vents or attach directly to the dash.

This can keep your phone in front of you while minimizing distracted driving, leaving it hands-free throughout entire drives.


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