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 About Darin Morgan

Darin Morgan has been porting cylinder heads for over 26 years. He has specialized in Pro Stock cylinder heads since 1991 but his expertise in induction research and development is far reaching. Darin's cylinder heads and intakes have had positive results in the NHRA Pro Stock ranks with 23 race wins and over 140 top ten qualifying efforts. His heads and manifolds are now having an impact on IHRA Pro Stock as well. In 2008 Darins Ford Hemi heads and manifold set a top a John Kasse engine set the world record at 6.281 223.95mph. Not only Pro Stock cars but Pro Stock motorcycles have benefited from Darin's cylinder heads. Antron Brown ran the third six second pass in history equipped with a Darin Morgan cylinder head and both Angel and Antron won may races with his heads. Darin has also undertaken some major research and development efforts for Nextel Cups teams. Teams such as DEI and Hendricks have benefited greatly from his efforts. As a matter of fact, Darin's SB2 heads where on the car for Earnhardt JR’s first win at Dallas Motor Speedway in 2000.  Darin is also dedicated to education and has taught over 50 engine building and induction system design schools. He has given well over 48 seminars on Wet flow dynamics, cylinder head and induction system design and induction system tuning. Darin manages the cylinder head R&D program at Reher Morrison Racing Engines.



 Pro Stock Customers

Past and present customers who have utilized Darin Morgan/Reher Morison Cylinder heads in NHRA Pro Stock competition. 

Bruce Allen

Bob Glidden

George Marnell

Mike Edwards

John Nobile

Grant Lewis


Jerry Haas

Mark Wisnant

Larry Morgan

Ken Koretsky

Rick Jones

Tommy Leindahl

Larry Nance

Gordie Revera

Bob Benza

Tom Hammonds

Tony Rizzo

Mark Pawik

Ed Heck

Carl Beal

Carty Beal

Dester Cambrone

Tony Gillig

Gary Herman


 John Kasse Racing Engines

2008 IHRA Pro Stock world record. Brian Gahm 6.281@ 223.95mph

Ford Hemi heads with Darin Morgan CNC ports and chamber designs.


 Awesome Al Anabi Motorsports

Mike Castallana, Shannon Jenkins

2008 Nitrous Pro Modified world record holder. 5.96 ET @ 240+mph



Harrold Martin

Pro Modified


 General Motors

IRL cylinder head project


Pat Stoken

Pro Modified 6.06 @ 234.54


Sean Dodd

2008 NHRA Competition Eliminator B/AA world record holder. 7.006 @ 196.49

DRCE cylinder heads


Clint Neff and David From

2008 Competition Eliminator world record holder K/A 7.85 ET

Custom 4 cylinder DRCE cylinder head


Frank and Scott Parks

Neil and Parks Race Cars

JR Fuel world champions and world record holders year after year after year!


Dale Earnhardt Incorporated  

JRs first win in 2000! Numerous other race wins top qualifying spots.

SB2.2 heads with Darin Morgan CNC ports and chamber designs.


 Hendrick Motorsports

SB2.2 cylinder heads.


Ron Hutter

SB2.2 cylinder heads.



Joe Pigford

Texas Pro-Stock champion and record holder many years running.


Schumacher Racing

Antron Brown and Angel Sampey

Suzuki P/S Motorcycle


 Charles Nearburg

"Spirit of Rett" stream liner

Fastest single engine gas powered streamliner in the world record 409mph speed

422mph exit speed. Making Charles only the 8th person in history to run 400mph!

Just think, we did it with ONE ENGINE!


Brule Motorsports

Drag Boat

World record holding Pro Gas Jet. Class champion many years in a row


Mike and Brad Personett

Top Sportsman


Don Smith

P/S truck


Rick Jones

P/S Truck


Scott Perin

P/S Truck


Mark Wisnant

P/S Truck


 And the list goes on and on and on and on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Published Articles


*                      The Simulation Situation

National Dragster Magazine

Author: Darin Morgan

Topic: Practical limitations of affordable engine simulation software.


*                 Wet Flow Revelations”  

National Dragster Magazine

Author: Darin Morgan

Topic: New discovery’s in combustion chamber vortex generation using ultra violet wet flow visualization techniques.


*                      Sheet Metal Magic

Drag Illustrated

Author: Darin Morgan

Topic: Historical account of technological advancements in sheet metal manifold fabrication. C.A.D. design and CNC manufacture of billet intake runners.


*                      Expert Engine Building Tips and Advanced Theories Straight from Darin Morgan of Reher-Morrison

Chevy High Performance

Author: Stephen Kim; Technical data contributor:  Darin Morgan

Topic: Engine building tips and theoretical discussions on various topics.


*                      The Sky’s the Limit

National Dragster Magazine

Author: John Jodauga; Technical data contributor: Darin Morgan

Topic: New technology in Pro Stock cylinder head design.


*                      Engine Builder Magazine

National Dragster Magazine

Author: John Jodauga; Technical data contributor: Darin Morgan

Topic: Air Fuel mixture motion.


*                      The Reher Morrison Way

Drag Illustrated.

Authors: Wes Buck and Darin Morgan

Topic: Reher-Morrison Engine School


*                      Bigger is Not Always Better

Competition Plus – Drag Racing’s Internet Magazine

Author:  Darin Morgan

Topic:  Choosing the correct cylinder head design




*                      “Advanced Induction system design and tuning”

            (University of Northwestern Ohio) 2008 - 2009


*                      Cylinder head Development and Porting Techniques for the Optimization of Velocity

AETC (Advanced Engine technology Conference) 2001.

Topic: Discharge coefficients. Proper shapes to minimize velocity gradients. Valve sizing verses bore diameter.


*                      New Developments in the Applications of Wet Flow Technology to Cylinder Head and Manifold Airflow Testing

AETC (Advanced Engine technology Conference) 2004.

Topic: Techniques for the visual study of wet flow dynamics.


*                      Wet Flow Testing

AERA (American Engine Re-builders Association) 2005.

Topic: New wet flow bench designs for economical wet flow testing.


*                      New Developments in the Applications of Wet Flow Technology to Cylinder Head and Manifold Airflow Testing

6 presentations over four days for PRI (Performance Racing Industry Trade Show) 2005).

      Topic: Techniques for the visual study of wet flow dynamics.


*                      Repeatability of Measured 902 Super Flow Dyno

PRI/Super Flow (Performance racing industry trade Show) for Super Flow Corp. 2006.

Topic: Repeatability of measured power using forced air cooling systems and the 902 Super Flow Dyno.










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