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  Advanced Induction System

 Design and Tuning.

Presented by:

 Darin Morgan and Reher Morrison Racing Engines


September 6th-7th 2014
$995.00 Per Student

Class is held at the Reher Morrison Facility

1120 Enterprise Place, arlington Texas 76001


Seats are LIMITED so reserve your seat now!



  • What is the correct size cylinder head for your engine application?

  • What is the correct size manifold for your engine?

  • Casting procedures (From basic design to finish casting)

  • Valve seat angles (Why are steeper angles better in some cases)

  • Valve seat angles (How to design the perfect seat!)

  • Engine modeling software (Its uses and limitations)

  • Spark plug location and its effects on power

  • Wet flow ( Black magic dispelled)

  • Pressure Recovery Dynamics (Analysis of its effects on power)

  • Piston speed (Are there limits?)

  • Proper port sizing (Air speed in the induction system)

  • Air flow and flow benches (How flow benches can lie)

  • What is the correct valve job for your application?

  • Valve to bore ratio ( what is the correct valve size?)

  • Discharge coefficients (The true measure of efficiency!)

  • Manifold design (What to do and what not to do!)

  • C.F.D. (Computational fluid dynamics and its uses in design)

  • Modern Pro Stock cylinder head design.

  • Cost effective power (Current trends in engine displacement)

  • High amplitude pulsations (Tuning equations made simple)

  • Engine power bands (Go faster with the power you already have!)

  • Effective component selection (biggest bang for the buck)

  • Differences in Supercharged, turbo charged and Nitrous oxide  engines verses normally aspirated.



NOTE: The amount of information presented in this course is immense.

Please make sure to bring your audio recorders, and calculators!

 Video cameras are not permitted.


For anyone that is in the engine building business, or wants to do cylinder head work this class is invaluable. The amount of information that Darin gives you is mind numbing and will take most people weeks if not months to decipher (after re-reading the text, and listening to your tapes if you choose to tape it). The biggest benefit is you get Darin’s real world experience and can go over specifics; he not only gives you the answers but shows you how to find them on your own.

Having been to numerous conferences and seminars over the years this is by far one of the best. We most only give a few hours to go over the content Darin is there for a full two days, and you get to interact with some really great minds who are attending as well.


Applying just the basic principles and guidelines you passed on to me I have been able to get solid gains in not only peak HP but really stout torque gains and much wider power spread than anything I ever achieved before.  One of the engines I was working on at the time we spoke has gone on to set a new class record at Bonneville, and one of my recent road racing engines is as fast as any ever in the class but has a power band a good 2,000rpm wider than anyone has ever heard of.  Thanks again.


Once again I’d like to thank you for inviting me to your seminar.  Even though I’m not a cylinder guy, or porter I found it extremely entertaining, and educational.  You’re method of teaching is very similar to what I enjoy, free flowing where you work from an outline and go with it.


I first met you in the fall 2007 at Reher Morrison school and could not have been more impressed. So as soon as you released information on this school I was all over booking it. Your presentation at the University of Northwestern Ohio was equally as impressive.  I realized that I was in the wrong room right away, I do not have the experience level needed to apply or use the bulk of the information you presented. I am not used to walking into a room and feeling so humbled when anything automotive is the topic. Now this is not to say that I don't realize my limitation I just seldom feel like the least educated and under informed person in the class room. You are one of the most polite soft spoken people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in this industry. You always seem to enjoy sharing your knowledge as opposed to hoarding every little detail you have learned, that in my opinion makes you one of the most generous people in racing.




Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Finally, there is someone to teach what no one else talks about. When you said that my learning curve would take a big leap forward, I was skeptical. You were right and I am now a skeptic no more..


I have seen many presentations at places like PRI, the AETC and many other venues. Your was, by far, the best I have ever seen. You actually made sense of a topic that has perplexed me for many years. It’s a very complex subject matter and you seem to be able to put it into context and make people understand. Keep up the good work.


After attending Darin's class.........well, if I knew what he was going to disclose/ teach before I signed up, I would have paid $5000.00 for the course. Darin poured his heart out about real world race engine development & technology on some of the most sought after engines in the racing industry today. Not just book knowledge, actual data, formulas and results from years of testing and claiming world records and world championships in almost every class of racing. The class was priceless, the records Darin holds are proof of his teaching, and his down to earth logical approach was the most easiest of conditions to learn under.       Thanks Darin for all your help.


I went home and took a cylinder head intake port that I have been working on for weeks. I have been through no less than three other ports trying to get the thing to flow.  I now understand how I was going about things all wrong. I used the calculations and ratios you gave did the short side exactly the way you described and the port worked! The first shot it worked better than the three previous attempts. It now flows 18cfm more and its smaller and faster. I can’t thank you enough.


Darin, Your cylinder head / induction class was very informative. I learned a lot and Was able to confirm a lot of air flow info that I had picked up over the last few Years.

Great job


First let me say I've known Darin for many years. Not only is his knowledge first class, but so is Darin the person. He is one of the very few people I've known that would bend over backwards for you! His passion and thirst for learning, I've never seen duplicated. Now the class. Weather your a seasoned Professional or a novice beginner, you must attend. Darin opens your eyes on the PROPER way of designing an induction system. He doesn't just give you "formulas" he gives you real World experience and knowledge. The knowledge he so willingly shares with you. This type of info would take you YEARS to achieve! At any cost for the class, its priceless! After the class, Darin still isn't done. If you have questions, he will answer them. You get home, you have questions, he will answer them. What Darin has provided for our sport is priceless. Do yourself a favor and go, it's an experience I will use everyday in my business.


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The design and manufacture of the Raptor cylinder head.

 What does it really takes to get a new cylinder head to market? 


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